Incense Alchemy

Denver, Colorado

Michael Cutter

T:   406-360-6111


Located in SW Denver, we do not currently have a retail store open to the public. Please contact Michael for a private showing.

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  • 100% Natural Handmade Incense

  • Featuring Sustainably Harvested and/or Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Artisanally Crafted in Colorado

  • Exquisite Original Formulations 


If you love 100% natural, exquisite incense you've come to the right place. Hundreds of hours have gone into crafting these unique and high quality incense formulas. Only the highest quality natural ingredients have been used. There are absolutely no synthetic irritants or other unnecessary ingredients, only natural woods, resins and herbs. Customers are raving about how much they love it! Purchase yours today!  



"This incense is fantastic! Strong and slow burning...which I love. I only burned a quarter of it. Well done!"