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  • Featuring Sustainably Harvested and 
    Certified Organic Ingredients

  • Hand Crafted in Colorado

  • Exquisite Original Formulations 

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

Welcome! This is Michael, owner of Incense Alchemy.

I understand the importance of taking time for relaxation and connection with nature and ourselves. I created this incense as a way to bring positive energy, relaxation and healing into peoples lives. Believe it or not, almost all incense on the market is made using synthetic fragrances and/or toxic burning agents (see more on that here). Unlike these products, my incense is made with healing energy and precious herbs and resins that have been used for centuries for relaxation, healing and spiritual development. It may cost a bit more, but we all know there is no comparison to natures affect on our well being, and you deserve it!

Making natural incense is an unending journey and you can expect to see continuous refinements on every level as well as unique new formulas. Subscribe to our mailing list and we will keep you posted on updates and special offers. 


Try some today and experience a truly natural artisan incense.  ​

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