"Big Sage" (Artemisia Tridentada) Smudge

"Big Sage" (Artemisia Tridentada) Smudge


Sage Bundle (Artemisia Tridentada)


    "Big" Sage (Artemesia Tridentada) Smudge.

    Tried and true powerful cleansing smudge from Colorado's western slope. This abundant shrub was one of the most important medicines to the native people. This sage was harvested in remote area in western Colorado where wild horses, mountain lion, coyotes and bears outnumber the people. 

    Contains 1 bundle, beautifully wrapped, approximately 8 inches long (give or take) and 1/2 inch in diameter


    Artemesia Tridentada has a very long history of being used as a cleansing medicine. Used as a smudge the smoke will cleanse the energy of the aura, objects and spaces.