Mayan Sun Smudge

Mayan Sun Smudge


Light, Exotic, Balancing, Powerful and Beautiful Smudge!



    Palo Santo, Frankincense and Dragon's Blood.


    Light, exotic, dynamic, powerful and beautifully uplifting cleanse! Palo Santo and Frankincense are related botanically, and create a wonderful synergy in this smudge. Dragons blood enhances the action and intention aspects to amplify the intentions of how its being used. 


    The packaging is a test tube made from recyclable heat resistant Pyrex® glass. Please find creative ways to repurpose this packaging, or send it back to be reused. 


    There is a long history of the use of aromatic smoke to cleanse energy, induce deep states of meditation, pray, and assist in various communication with the transcendent realms.Use these intuitively similarly to how you would use Sage or Palo Santo.



    • Long lasting
    • Powerfully cleansing and uplifting
    • Eases stress and uplifts the spirit.
    • Clears the mind and energy to assist in spiritual practice
    • Uplifts disharmonious or stressful energy.
    • Be creative and let me know the ways you find to use them

    Lighting Tips: Light one end and let it burn a few moments, then gently blow out the flame. You may need to re-light it a few times to get it to fully glow on the tip. If it only partially lights, gently blow on it to stoke the ember, or relight if necessary. When finished, snuff the lit end in sand or dirt and place back into Pyrex glass container. Sealing the container with the cork will ensure it stays out. Be careful!, the glass at the tip may get hot. 


    * Information provided is not intended to be a complete guide to safe and proper use. Seek qualified assistance before using, and educate yourself on the proper and safe ways to smudge. Always fully extinguish and never burn unattended.