Zuni Sunrise Incense

Zuni Sunrise Incense

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Spirit of the SouthWest, Ceremonial and Healing


    Earthy, Grounded and Deeply Spiritually Healing, especially for those with a love for the traditions of the Desert Southwest. Contains Juniper, Piñon Pine, Sage, Ceremonial Tobacco, resins and herbs


    Complex layers of Juniper (Navajo Cedar), Piñon Pine, Colorado Sage, and just a hint of ceremonial Native Tobacco. This is made with the variety of Juniper that is called 'Cedar' by the Navajo people, it is used during ceremony and spiritual healing work. This Cedar used in this blend is harvested locally in Colorado and on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. This is a very rich and complex aroma calling out a depth yet lightness of spirit. I've been told by a Navajo shaman this reminds him of ceremonies they do on the reservation.


    • Handmade in Colorado.
    • 100% natural handmade artisan incense.
    • Made entirely from natural woods, resins, and plant materials.
    • 100% Sustainably harvested, non-gmo or certified organic materials.
    • No artificial ingredients, DPG or potassium nitrate.
    • 100% post-consumer recycled packaging. 


    Handmade in the traditional 'joss' style commonly seen in Japanese and Tibetan style incense where there is no inner stick to support the aromatic components. Joss sticks are the most difficult to produce and embody the minimalist Zen aesthetic eliminating all unnecessary components for the purest stick incense available. 


    • Light one end of stick and allow to burn for a few seconds and gently blow it out so the tip is a glowing ember, then place in sand or ash filled container.
    • After lighting there will be a tendency to immediately smell the smoke. This is OK, but it is best to allow the incense to burn a few moments to allow the full aroma to form. Additionally, it is best to place incense in a container and let the aroma naturally come to you
    • Always burn incense in an appropriate fire-proof container. We recommend using an incense bowl filled with our japanese white ash. When using white ash, even the submerged part of the stick will burn completely. This complements the minimalistic aesthetic and is a nice addition to your altarspace. If not using white ash, submerge the stick enough to stand securely upright, but no more than necessary to reduce waste. Any portion of the stick submerged in sand or earth will not burn completely. 
    • Relax, and meditate with the smoke. You will notice many layers of subtleties as the various aromatics naturally co-mingle.
    • Invite the healing nature of the materials to come to you, and relax.