Mystical Sage

Mystical Sage

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Powerful Cleansing and Purification


    The energy of Ancient Fire - cleansing, wisdom and 'stirring of the soul' to call forth its purpose in life.

    Powerfully Cleansing, Uplifting, and Mystical Blend of White Sage, Palo Santo, Resins and Herbs.

    Each package contains 12 sticks approximately 5.5" in length.

    *** Note: For a limited time, packages of Mystical Sage will contain 12 slightly thinner sticks rather than the standard 9 sticks we typically stock. Eventually we may switch to 12 sticks in all of our blends, this was a sample run. You get more burn time! By weight its appx. the same amount of material.

    "This formula was seemingly handed to me when I was in meditation and asked for a new formula. It has undergone very few modifications since it was first created. When trying to name this inspired blend, I was at a loss of words to name the feeling in the presence of the smoke. It moves in a deeply mystical way and I have no words for it. This is how it 'stirs the soul'.

    The White Sage we use is sustainably grown and/or harvested.


    • Handmade in Colorado.
    • 100% natural handmade artisan incense.
    • Made entirely from natural woods, resins, and plant materials.
    • 100% Sustainably harvested, non-gmo or certified organic materials.
    • No artificial ingredients, DPG or potassium nitrate.
    • 100% post-consumer recycled packaging. 

    Handmade in the traditional 'joss' style commonly seen in Japanese and Tibetan style incense where there is no inner stick to support the aromatics. Joss sticks are the most difficult to produce but allow for the cleanest, most vibrant aromatic experience. 



    • Light one end of stick and allow it to burn for a few seconds and gently blow it out so the tip remains a glowing ember, then place in sand, earth or white ash filled incense bowl suitable to catch the ashes. Submerge incense stick deeply enough so it stands firmly upright.
    • We recommend using an incense bowl filled with sand, earth or japanese white ash. When using white ash, even the submerged part of the stick will burn completely.
    • After lighting there will be a tendency to immediately smell the smoke. This is OK, but it can also be fun to allow the incense to burn a few moments to allow the full aromatic signature to form and let the aroma naturally come to you.  
    • Relax, and meditate with the smoke, or allow the aromatics to fill the room. You will notice many layers of subtleties as the various qualities naturally co-mingle.
    • Always burn incense in an incense bowl or comparable fire-proof container away from flammable materials. Never burn unattended. See our disclaimer here.